Educational Platforms: Uses and Challenges in the Postdigital School

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Ferrante, P., & González López Ledesma, A. (2023). Educational platforms: Uses and challenges in the post-digital school. A study in secondary schools of the City of Buenos Aires . Education Policy Analysis Archives31. (open access)

The article “Plataformas Educativas: Usos y Desafíos en la Escuela Postdigital” by Patricia Ferrante and Alejo González López Ledesma investigates the integration and challenges of educational platforms in Buenos Aires secondary schools. It adopts an ethnographic approach to explore teachers’ use of institutional and corporate educational platforms and their interactions with the existing school infrastructure, including printed materials. The study contributes to the discussion on digital technologies in education, emphasizing the impacts of commercial digital platforms on schools, and raises critical questions about pedagogical practices and evaluations associated with these platforms.

Photo by Mehdi MeSSrro on Unsplash